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Here are  nearly 50 tweets collected during the Rethink08 event on Nov. 4, 2009, at the University Center in Missoula, Mont.

Tweet us your thoughts on the president, the enthusiasm that surrounded the presidential election – and whether that enthusiasm is still there. Attach a #rethink08 to your tweets or send them to @Rethink08.

Or listen to Gillette Vaira’s Rethink08 Remix:

Better than McCain and Palin but he cannot fulfill all his promises in four years.

Better than Bush!!!!!! But what isn’t?

I’m glad for some things Obama has done, maybe not so much others. He’s too Communistic IMO, but at least he’s willing to work with others.

Obama was a great sell for the American people but what is always on sell is not always the best for the country.

Obamas inexperience is far more evident than it was during his campaign. however, his approach to diplomacy is a major improvement#

Obama is much worse then Bush. He is a perfect sell for a World Government. World currency is on its way in and the dollar is the way out

Obama’s election campaign was one of the best history has ever seen!

he was well sold to the American public as a perfect icon but also so willing to devalue the dolar by thrown around money into the economy

I think that the change we believed in and the change engendered from this election are vastly different. Its sad to see this.

LGBT rights are a must. I am gay and have been patiently waiting for the rights of a full citizen. I can’t wait much longer, Obama!

good intentions, not sure yet if he’s worth the hype

he needs to rethink the federal reserve….sucking this country dry.

It’s really too early to tell. After all he’s only been in office for a year

need to rethink the economy

I believe the US image around the world has changed a little thanks to him and his actions, though there is still a lot more to do.

thinking that Obama inherited a big mess, so he’s doing pretty good considering. And honestly, he’s sexy

Given the magnitude of the problems he has faced he has done very well.

I think that one year is short to do a lot of things so I still think that the election of Obama is good and not only for the USA

I think Obama is doing a great job in spite of the sabotage 5% who own 80% of everything&the idea of The MASSES fairly treated&healthy well

delivering announcements for an art exhibition

it is hard to make real change when your priorities are controlled by corporations and private interest, (listen to the people not dollars)

I think that people need to understand that all the change that he has told us that he will bring will not, and cannot happen over night.

For having control of both houses it doesn’t seem like Obama is getting much accomplished.

Obama is best president. i think he will change a lot things in this country.

At least he’s not war mongering.

Obama is tranforming America. For better or worse. At this point I feel he is becoming more and more off base with most Americans.

Obama your new nickname is christmas because Im still waiting for you to do something anything what about indians

@Rethink08 Obama is addressing healthcare, is taking on equality, and has totally changed the tone and substance of politics.

Obama picked the ball up and hopefully people will continue to run with the play. Biden is a satisfactory watchdog.

talked with a 90 year old lady about political preferences and outsourcing, she mentioned anything progressive is satisfactory.

Obama has done plenty good up to this point, but he must temper his idealism with pragmatism, or face much disappointment from his citizens.

without support, how can he do anything?

I support Obama because he is our president. He is our future

I think Obama has done a good job with the time he has had. Senate and congress needs to step up their game.

He has alot of ideas and ways to change our country but he cant always get them achieved.

I respect his collaboration with the Republican party but I would like to see more direction with his agenda.

his goals seem to still be a work in progress. the promises he made during the campaign havent been met but the challenges are different now

Obama has done his part to turn the economy around even if it’s taking alot longer than we might like

Obama came into the presidency with a lot on his plate and has accomplished a lot… but we citizens have to do our part!

Obama seems like a cool guy to hang out with

I’m pretty disappointed that a president who lauded a platform of peace has yet to withdraw any troops and is considering sending 40000 more

fingers crossed… ps. i dont think he is a stalinist :).

i thinK obama is the most entresting presedent … he got this beautiful cherazma so you feel like you know him ..

Americans need to start spending less and saving more, in order for the stimulus plan to work,

way better than the bush era! don iarussi mfa i am an ex democrat who saw the party leave me, obamanation is how i describe baracks presdency.

Nick: Its time for Obama to stop talking about what he’s going to do and do it already.

syd says NO. All talk no action. Nothing on DOMA, DADT, ENDA, the economy.

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