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One Issue, One Vote

Jessica Kotur

By Brandy Kiger

Jessica Kotur is not soft-spoken about anything, including politics. Her political leanings are strongly tied to her Christian faith.

A local minister, she spends much of her time praying for people around Missoula, Mont., and helping lead a campus ministry.

Her main reason for choosing Republican candidate John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 election was his stance on abortion.

“Abortion is a big issue for me,” she said. “I believe in life.”

The 26-year-old Republican said she’s not a political activist, but she petitions against abortion, and she and her husband foster children in their home.

“Every child deserves to have parents who love them and provide for them,” she said.

During the election year, she didn’t campaign for either candidate, but kept up with the issues and watched the debates.

“I think the Obama-mania said a lot about America,” she said. “But I didn’t get caught up in [it].”

Lesser of two evils

Kotur said McCain wasn’t her first choice. “There were a lot of concerns I had with both candidates,” she said. “What sold me was not being for McCain, but against Obama,” she added. “He was the least worst.”

The 26-year-old considers Obama’s election a good thing, but not necessarily because she thinks he’s good for the country.

“When a Democrat who has adamantly said that he is for late-term abortions propels morally-minded people to take a stance, it’s a good thing,” she said.

Election night one year ago, she didn’t finish watching the vote tally, because she could tell it was not going her way. “I wasn’t surprised,” she said.

Even though Kotur doesn’t support Obama’s policies, she supports him as president. “Some Christians feel like it’s their religious duty to despise Obama. But, God’s not a Republican or a Democrat,” she said.

“We can try to support the good things he’s doing, and make our voices heard … on the rest.”

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